UK Hockey Player of the Year Award

Past Winners
Monday, December 27th, 2010



Here are the annual winners









Margaret Gleghorne 1983 Paul Barber Paul Barber
Karen Brown Karen Brown 1984 Richard Leman Richard Leman
Linda Carr Linda Carr 1985 Sean Kerly Sean Kerly, MBE
Moira McLeod Moira McLeod 1986 Ian Taylor Ian Taylor
Violet McBride Violet McBride 1987 Imran Sherwani Imran Sherwani
Barbara Hambly Barbara Hambly, OBE 1988 Jon Potter Jon Potter
Vickey Dixon Vickey Dixon 1989 David Faulkner David Faulkner
Maggie Souyave Maggie Souyave 1990 Andy Halliday Andy Halliday
Joanne Thompson Joanne Thompson 1991 Jason Laslett Jason Laslett
Jane Sixsmith Jane Sixsmith, MBE 1992 Rob Hill Rob Hill
Sandie Lister Sandie Lister 1993 Julian Halls Julian Halls
Karen Brown Karen Brown 1994 Simon Mason Simon Mason
Tammy Miller Tammy Miller 1995 Ian Jennings Ian Jennings, MBE
Kathryn Johnson Kathryn Johnson 1996 Bobby Crutchley Bobbie Crutchley
Karen Brown Karen Brown 1997 Jon Wyatt Jon Wyatt
Carolyn Reid Carolyn Reid 1998 David Hacker David Hacker
Tina Cullen Tina Cullen 1999 Chris Ashcroft Chris Ashcroft
Jane Sixsmith Jane Sixsmith, MBE 2000 Mark Pearn Mark Pearn
Jane Smith Jane Smith 2001 Danny Hall Danny Hall
Leisa King Leisa King 2002 Robert Todd Robert Todd
Kate Walsh Kate Walsh 2003 Simon Mason Simon Mason
Tina Cullen Christina Cullen 2004 Barry Middleton Barry Middleton
Crista Cullen Crista Cullen 2005 Jon Ebsworth Jonathan Ebsworth
Crista Cullen Crista Cullen 2006 James Tindall James Tindall
Kate Walsh Kate Walsh 2007 Barry Middleton Barry Middleton
Beth Storry Beth Storry 2008 Ali McGregor Ali McGregor