The Sydney Friskin Memorial Silver Goblet

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Monday, December 27th, 2010

Sydney Friskin 1915 - 1999

The Times Hockey Correspondent from 1st September 1971 until his death with his final piece of copy appearing on the day of his death - 26th November 1999 at the age of 84. Sydney was acknowledged as a truly great hockey writer and gentleman throught-out the world and was always a very welcome visitor to any hockey event big or small. A man who transgressed the ages and the changes in journalism. In addition to his hockey he also had experience with the Times writing on boxing, snooker and cricket. He was Chairman of the Hockey Writers’ Club between 1984 and 1988. The Award, made annually, is in recognition of outstanding service to UK hockey.

Past winners

Ernest Wall 2000 Ernest Wall OBE
Robert Watson 2001 Robert Watson
David Collier 2002 David Collier
Mike Corby 2003 Mike Corby
Anne Ellis 2004 Anne Ellis, OBE
David Whittle 2005 David Whittle
David Luckes 2006 David Luckes MBE
Bill Felton 2007 Bill Felton
Chris Pickett 2008 Chris Pickett

Photo Gallery

Neil Friskin, Chria Pickett and David Chappell Neil Friskin (Left), Chris Pickett (Centre) and David Chappell at the 2009 Awards at Royal Thames Yacht Club, London.
Clive Felton (Left), and Neil Friskin at the 2008 Awards at Royal Thames Yacht Club, London
Anne Ellis & Neil Friskin Anne Ellis (Left), and Neil Friskin at the 2005 Awards at Wimbledon
Mike Corby, Bob Watson, Anne Ellis & David Collier From left to right: Mike Corby, Robert Watson, Anne Ellis & David Collier at the 2005 Awards Day at Wimbledon
Friskin table Friskin Table at 2005 Awards Day at Wimbledon – from left to right: Robert Watson; Marion Friskin; Neil Friskin; Mike Corby; Sue Haswell; Dil Bahra; Anne Ellis & David Collier
David Chappell (Left), Mike Corby (centre) and Neil Friskin at the 2004 Awards at Wimbledon
David Collier David Collier (Left), and David Collier at the 2003 Awards
Bob Watson & Neil Friskin Robert Watson (Left), and Neil Friskin at the 2002 Awards
Ernest Wall Ernest Wall OBE, winner of the first award in 2001
Sydney Friskin Sydney Friskin signing photographs in Karachi in 1997
Friskin Award Poster The Times Sydney Friskin Award display Board showing the first four winners.